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Posted By: VICKIE DISON 11-08-11

My son recently graduated boot camp and today he left for rct training at Camp Geiger. The 10 days of leave they get after graduating was not enough time for me to get to know my new Marine. When my son went to boot camp, my heart was left to cope with missing him and now today I feel like I'm in that same place except this time it will not be 13 weeks before I see him again. There's just a emptiness in my heart. Luckily my son is close by and we can talk when he calls and come see us when he can. Just a warning to the parents after your son/daughter gets out of boot camp. Make sure they get plenty of rest/sleep. My son had a accident going to see one of his friends one day and he said he had nodded off and hit the back end of a 18 wheeler. Thank God he was not hurt , only his truck. I told him the truck can be replaced but your life can not. Another lesson learned.

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This is week two of my son being at MCT Camp Geiger. I talked to my son twice last week before the new marines had to hand their phones over. It was nice to talk with him, although the last call was a quick 30 second one. In both his calls he had said he was homesick again as I was missing him also, but I didn't let him know that. He had said all the guys were homesick. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I know that alot of the guys won't get to go home for the holiday and so we have decided to cook for all from his company who wants to come over. My son had mentioned this at family day after graduation and I said sure. Hopefully they will get to leave their training for at least that one day.

Posted by: VICKIE DISON on 11/14/2011




Carolyn  Alvarado Avatar


How right you are that the 10 days is not enough. I also know that empty feeling in my heart I had that when he left for Boot Camp, SOI, MOS, & now that he is stationed in Okinawa. Its not anything that you be described if you have not felt it. Its like your life is on hold, like your waiting for something else to happen, like your moving in a fog. Im told this to shall pass, but it hasnt as of yet for me Im still waiting, but he has only been gone since early August. Glad you can talk to him & see him that does make it a lil easier.

Thank God hes ok & how right you are the truck can be replaced & even if it can't its no big deal its just a truck.

Posted by: Carolyn Alvarado on 11/09/2011