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My son, My Marine, My Pride

Posted By: Enid Estevez 11-06-11


On August 8th, 2011, My son left to bootcamp at Parris Island, that day I thought the world changed on me for the worst. My only child was leaving home for the first time on his own to an unknown place in where Me, "MOM" had no access to him for the following 3 months!! Yes I cried and cried, but guess what tears were not going to bring him to me. I had to stay strong for him, to support him to give him strength because I knew that he was going to face hard times, and I Did!!

Not only did every letter include love and support, and looking forward to his graduation, an experience that will forever be in my heart. My best birthday gift is to be able to find my son in between so many recruits in a cold early morning "Motivational Run" and Graduation is PRICELESS.

Today my son is home for a short time, knowing he is going back, is sad but I'm proud. His goals and accomplishments are not completed yet, he is ready for 2nd training and so I'm going to be by his side to support him. DI instructors are tough on them, YES, but they made that better man I'm talking about, My Son, My Pride. Hats off to all DI instructors. I sent there a young man with good values, and they sent me back a better man with lots of pride, of what he had accomplished.

Parents, please don't stop sending your son/daughter those letters for support, I called them the best medicine in the cabinet that will keep them up and going. This episode in my life has given a better understanding of what US Marine Corps stands for. Good Luck to you all!!

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