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Son left for PI on Monday October 24th, 2011

Posted By: Cary Kwiatkowski 10-29-11


My son!

Reading all the comments from previous families really helps. Having an idea of what he is doing everyday is helpful to pass the time. My son was very physically fit and a previous runner as well as a gym rat for the last six months so the physical part should not be too bad. He said before he left he was strong and was looking forward to getting 7 times stronger. Now the mental part might be an issue for him to get use to. Time will telll. I can not wait for his first letter home. The photo was taken on the Sunday 10 minutes before he left for MEPS.

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Patricia Benoit Avatar


My son also left for PI on Oct 24th. I got the form letter on Tues this week and was surprised it came so fast. Hope you are receiving news quickly, too.

My son is in platoon 1006, Company C, 1st RTBN.

Posted by: Patricia Benoit on 11/04/2011




One Proud Bailey Avatar


Here's a forum to keep you occupied and may help as well.

Posted by: One Proud Bailey on 11/02/2011