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Missing my little boy....

Posted By: Carolyn Alvarado 10-25-11


Oh how I miss my little boy, I miss him sitting on my lap, cuddling with me while we watched movies, just being able to see him & hug him whenever I want. Well as you know my son is a Marine, so he is no longer "my little boy" but is now a Man. The transformation was quick it seemed to me. I sent my young 19 year old son to MCRD San Diego & in 13 long weeks he was a man. I was able to see the difference in him in his letters, in the confidence he had in himself, in the way he talked about boot camp, & all that he wanted to do when he was done with it.

He never complained about boot camp, had anything negitive to say about it, & always left me feeling that he loved it. Now I know that some of you are thinking no way he had to say something negitive or bad. Nope nothing like that at all. I dont know if it was to make me feel better or if he really liked it either way it did make it easier for me.

While he was at MCRD I would tell everyone where he was, let everyone know I got a letter, when he was graduating, & where he would be after that, I was a very Proud Marine Mom. After graduation I was even more proud of him (if thats even possible). Bring him home after he graduated was like bring home a new baby. I could not wait to show him off to everyone & all the pictures we took at MCRD.

Now a different kind of missing him has set in. He has been in Okinawa Japan since the first part of August & I miss him even more then I did when he was at Boot Camp. He is over 9,000 miles away there is no way I could just get on a plane & fly to him if he needed me.

He loves it there he has sent me pictures of the view he has from his room & it makes me very happy to know he is doing what he loves, where he wants to, & is making me proud.

Does anyone else have a child that is at Camp Kinser in Okianwa Japan or any of the other camps there? I would love to get in touch with you.

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Anna Hampton Avatar


Just found this site! I too have a son stationed at Kinser sice 6/11. My Steven is currently at Kadena Airbase for 6 mos working the airfield and I assume he will go back to Kinser once his order is up. He seems to like it in Japan, he hasn't had success on having a phone or internet that works in his room, we have done the video chat several times. He is very busy working all hours, he does call when he can, of course the difference in time is hard too, sometimes if I call him early, I mean early in the moring I can reach him settling in for the night. I miss him soooo much, especially now at Christmas. I sent him 3 boxes of presents, his 22nd Birthday is right after Christmas too. He hopes to have saved enough time to come home for a month next summer, we will see. So happy I found someone else in my same shoes to talk with. Would love to leave my email so we can continue chatting, not sure how to go about it without everyone seeing it. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

Posted by: Anna Hampton on 12/21/2011