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Marine Recruit parents - Encouragement

Posted By: One Proud Bailey 10-19-11


My son left on Monday, October 17, 2011 for Parris Island with an anticipated graduation date of January 13, 2012. And by the way I didn't get a call either.

I want you all to be encouraged throughout this process. At times you may feel as though you've lost someone, when in fact you are gaining a far more inspiring individual, whether a son, daughter, grand-son, grand-daughter.

Remember, this is a true testament to their ability to determine what they want out of life and pursue their dreams. Just remember these words..."I want to be a Marine", how touching is that coming them? Well, I said “WHAT!”, but it’s his dream not mine. Just think back 17 – 21 years ago when they were born, did you say…”You’re going to be a Marine one day”; well somewhere down the line you put the best in them otherwise they wouldn’t be there today.

Take your hand and pat yourself on the back “Well done!” it’s a testament to you as well, look at the courageous decision they have made. Every one of them deserves to be praised to the upmost.

Embrace the challenge with them. While they are going through these 12 weeks of mental and physical challenge, take on a difficult challenge yourself and in the end you both have done something that has strengthened the bond between you and them.

Walt Disney once said...

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

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Diane Smith Avatar


You sound as if you've been through this before. You also sound like I try to sound to other people, even though we miss our son terribly! He also left Oct 17th for PI. He is in the 3rd battalion, platoon 3000. What battalion/platoon is your son in? We've heard from him once so far...sounds like he loves it, but like you said, it is his dream and he's been looking forward to it for a long time. God bless all of our sons/daughters. I wish them all well and pray for them every day.

Posted by: Diane Smith on 11/03/2011




Wayne Springer Avatar


This is so true! My son went in On August 17,2009. He has become such a strong and upstanding young man because of his Marine training.

You will not be gaining just a for more inspiring individual but a new family as well. The Marine family! Everywhere I go I get asked about my son, Where he is, how he is, tell him thanks and my favorite Semper Fi!

I took on a difficult challenge myself in January of this year because of my son. I entered the Police Academy at the age of 55 so that I may also serve my country. I graduated in May and am in the process of finding a job as a law enforcement officer. I was in the trucking industry for years. The academy was the most enjoyable experience I have ever gone through. Being the oldest in my class and competing with kids my sons age and finishing what I started was so rewarding.

My son is training now for his 2nd deployment to Afghanistan. It worries me to no end but he says "Dad, you know I can do this" and I know he is right. His confidence in himself is so strong. When I talk to him and question myself whether or not I can be a Police Officer he just says "Dad, you know you can do this" it renews my focus on what I am doing.

Walt Disney was right..."you can do it!"

Posted by: Wayne Springer on 10/24/2011




Community Manager Avatar


Wayne, thank you for your participation on Please keep the comments coming, and feel free to submit a story to the site! Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 10/24/2011




Diana Fors Avatar


Wow what an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing and reminding me that this IS his dream! I am going to take your advice and take on my own challenge. I too can't wait for the January 13th graduation at Parris Island. Who know maybe our children will be in the same platoon and become friends.

Posted by: Diana Fors on 10/21/2011