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saying bye for now and see you in 12 weeks

Posted By: Pamela Ferguson 10-14-11


My brother left for boot camp ( Parris Island) on 10/7/11 he is our only brother. As I gave him the last hug for these 12 weeks, I had to fight back the tears, I am so proud of him and finally realized that this is something he really wanted to do and feels passionate about. I support him 100%, I can't wait to receive his first letter, and most of all see him graduate.

I love you little brother and couldn't be more happier and proud for this next journey in your life!!

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Diana Fors Avatar


My son was supposed to leave October 7th but his date was pushed back to the 17th. Holding back the tears was very hard, but I knew this was his dream.

I will keep your brother and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by: Diana Fors on 10/20/2011




Pamela Ferguson Avatar


Thank you, the day he left was torture for us the sergeants made him and some rexruits run around just making there life misserable, some wondering weather they were going to leave that day or not. It was awful.
hope by now its a little easier on you. We will keep your son in our prayers also. :)

Posted by: Pamela Ferguson on 01/03/2012