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My son, My Marine

Posted By: Benita Mullis 10-08-11


Parris Island 2006 Yeah, that's my Marine....

My son joined the Marines in 2006. I was floored. We had no military in our family at all so this was out of the blue. Best decision he ever made. He had to spend an extra month in PI for boot camp and was given the BEST SDI in the history of the Marines. He has traveled the world and seen things he would have never seen. I cry every time I think about what he is doing for his country. I remember when he told me he was joining, I went to the Marines website and the first thing I saw was a young guy crawling in mud with a machine gun. Well I called my son and said "you can't do this, you don't like to get dirty" LOL.

There are so many "I will never forget that" moments I could never list them all. The first letter, the first phone call, how we went to PI and surprised him on Mother's Day to the graduation ceremony. If your son or daughter is getting ready to join the Marines or getting ready to graduate from boot camp just remember, you will not believe all the "proud" mama or daddy moments you are getting ready to experience. Good luck to all new Marines and THANK YOU too all the ones who have been in service for years.... LOVE YOU ALL.

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Teresa Eastman Avatar


Sharing with you in "I will never forget that" moments... time falls away, but these small moments remain...Thank you for sharing Benita. The Lord bless and keep your son.

Posted by: Teresa Eastman on 10/26/2011




Tasha Lawless Avatar


Thank you for all of the encouragement need love too...God Bless & watch over & protect Our Heroes

Posted by: Tasha Lawless on 12/06/2011