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Proud Marine Parent

Posted By: Cornelio Lugo Jr 10-06-11


Today is a GREAT day!, our son is now an official U.S.Marine!!! Our son's platoon 1073 Delta Company MCRD San Diego won Honor Platoon. We can't describe how proud we are of our son and all the new Marines and their honor, commitment and courage! In the last twelve weeks they have utilized all three pillars to reach such a memorable and everlasting accomplishment in their young lives. We can now safely pack our bags and prepare prepare ourselves for yet another memorable experience...GRADUATION! I want to give thanks to the SDI/DI for the hard work and commitment they have exhibited during the process of making our Marine. Congratulations to all the families, new Marines and their leaders for a job well done!

"Semper Fi" ooh rah!

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Cornelio, we are so happy to hear about your son's graduation! I know you must be incredibly proud of this great accomplishment. Please continue to keep us updated on your son's journey in the Marine Corps. Again, thank you for your sharing your story with the community!
-LifeAsAMarine Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 10/27/2011