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Former Marine

"The Change Is Forever"

Posted By: Rocky Fortner 10-05-11


Life has NEVER been the same since I earned the title U.S. Marine - December - 1963. Platoon #277 MCRD San Diego.

I'll be eternally grateful for the standards established by My Corps that were - and are , a big part of my personality and ethos. Served four years as a "Grunt" and P.M.I. (Viet Nam - 65' - 66' (wounded twice).

Since leaving the Corps, I've used the hard earned experiences from the Corps in my daily life in both my professional & personal environments with GREAT success.

To this day, nearly 50 years after my tour, I'm proud to say I was one of the "FEW".....The men I walked with in the jungle are still my brothers - and share a bond that others can only dream of.

Every time I meet a fellow Marine, or they realize that I'm a "brother" - It's hand shakes, a hug and a "Semper Fi"....I've rarely seen members of the other services greet each other with such respect, honor or appreciation.

My blood brother, James, was also a Marine "Grunt "in Viet Nam (M-60 Machine Gun) and to this day we never end a conversation or phone call without an "Urah - Rah - Semper Fi". I've NEVER been more proud to be a United States Marine. Best wishes to all the "NEW" Generation of warriors. Remember - The Change IS forever!

"Rocketman " LIMA 3/3 - Weapons Platoon.

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Diane Smith Avatar


Thank you so much for your service. Our son is in Parris Island now (left 10/17) and this is something he's been looking forward to for quite some time. I hope he will find the same bonds you have...50 years from now! Thank you again!

Posted by: Diane Smith on 11/04/2011