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SHIP DATE 9/18/2011

Posted By: Rick Krise 09-30-11

Has anyone sent there son or daughter on this date to Parris Island? If so I would like to hear from you...we dropped my son off on this date, it was a sunday and from there they stayed over at Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg then flew to SC, as with many parents I am at a serious loss here..missing him and wishing I could go in his place...My son has brought so much joy to our lives with all the sports he played he made every family member very proud...why do I find myself finding this hard to tell people about? I think people are going like oh no not the Marine's or the military somehow I think they murmer behind close doors that wow he must be crazy...can anyone shed light on this for me!!?? I am so proud of him and feel his pain although I have got a real letter yet as of today 9/30/ the one that gives his address it was nice to see his hand writing!!!! replies are welcome

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