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My one and only

Posted By: Charlene Cachopo 09-28-11


We dropped my son off at recruiter's office on 9/11 to arrive in San Diego on 9/12. His father and I are divorced and his dad lives in Las Vegas. He always spent summers in Vegas with his dad and this summer was the most important. After 6 weeks of him being away in Vegas, he came home to Northern CA for the few days before he left for bootcamp. He had been training in Vegas all summer and he was preparing himself mentally and physically for what he was about to endure. It was hard to say goodbye but honestly, even though underneath I know he was anxious and apprehensive, he was ready. Made it easier for me to say goodbye.

I know he is going to do well and tough out whatever obstacles come his way. Only thing is, I've received 3 letters from him but he hasn't received one of mine. That makes me very concerned as I know it's more important for him to get mail from me than me from him. I feel like he is wondering, "why hasn't anyone written...?"

I have a call into recruiter's office about this, maybe I'm being a overbearing mom but that last thing I want is for my son to think no one is writing to him when I know I have written him every day since he left, not to mention other people. Needless to say - I am extremely proud of my son. Becoming a Marine was a passion of his, he could have gone any other level in the Military but chose Marine. Very proud!!!

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Diane Hughes Avatar


I know my son left on the 11th of September too. I got a letter from him and he hasn't gotten my letter either and have sent a letter and a card.

Posted by: Diane Hughes on 11/03/2011




Carolyn  Alvarado Avatar


I hope that your son has since gotten your letters. I know how important it is for them to have all the support they can & while they are at Boot Camp that is the only way they get it.

Posted by: Carolyn Alvarado on 10/25/2011