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Waiting on first letter.

Posted By: Sherri Ribron 09-24-11

Well actually, I am waiting on his first written letter. We dropped our son off at the recruiters office on 9/11/11 and boy was that hard. We got an animated call on the following Thursday giving us instructions on when we would hear from him by mail. Ten days later my husband leaves a message at my job stating we recieved our first letter. OMG!!! I can't explain the excitement of knowing a letter would be waiting on me when I get home. I get home and my excitement went from extreme high to hitting rock bottom. I get out of the car and my husband sitting on porch holding the letter and I ask him, "what, did he type the letter since he is used to texting so much" I know, crazy thing to ask, like he has time to type..L.O.L.!!! What young person today writes letters. My husband replies, no, it is just a form letter. I thought I was litterally going to cry. So now I wait for his first letter and can't wait to hear from him. Boy oh Boy, do I miss my son so much!!!

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Linda Ratajczak Avatar


really?? because i just got my first letter, and felt exactly like you mom. And wondered if my son really wrote that?

Posted by: Linda Ratajczak on 02/08/2012




Michael  Ferguson Avatar


We are feeling the same way. Our son left for P.I. on Oct. 11. We just received his 1st letter yesterday, Fri. Oct.21. I'm sure your 1st letter will arrive soon. Our son said he's going through Hell but holding up. My advice is to write as many letters as your hands can. He said he has nothing to look forward to except our letters and graduation. Be strong for him and keep your letters positive. God bless him and your family.

Michael Ferguson
Marine Father

Posted by: Michael Ferguson on 10/22/2011