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Missing my Son

Posted By: Lola Hampton 09-22-11

My son left for boot camp on sept. 19 headed for san diego. Would love to hear from anyone who has a recruit who shipped out the same time.

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Yvonne Bustamante Avatar


Hi, my name is Yvonne my son left that same day his platoon # is 2125. I cant wait to see my son he has been writing to us every week. The last letter dated Nov. 6 it said that they had done a 10 mile hike to the mountain instead a 8 mile to the beach very disappointed. They went thru hell but they made it.
Those drill instructors are very sneaking but thats there job. Well I hope your son is with my son. He said that there in good hands not to worry. Keep me posted !!

Posted by: Yvonne Bustamante on 11/12/2011