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Joanne Leblanc Avatar


first letter

Posted By: Joanne Leblanc 09-18-11

I finally received my sons first letter!! He has been on P.I. since 9/6 and it came 9/17. He sounds different already but says that he is doing ok and wants me to stop crying>> I feel so much better now just knowing that he is ok.. looking forward to his next letter

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Marta Ubiles Avatar


Hi Joanne,
My son left to Parris Island on 8/29/11 and it was the hardest thing I have ever experienced to watch my son leave on that day, I could not stop crying, he had to leave with teary eyes. We have been writhing ever since, he tells me he has become a change young man. Every letter I get from him he tells me how much he appreciates and misses home and how much he loves and misses me, he is only 18 years old. Other than that, he is doing very well and is looking forward to graduation and becoming a Marine. They do change so much while they are there, mine has change so much as well, We are going to see totally different young men on family night. Take care and nice talking to you
Sincerely, Marta

Posted by: Marta Ubiles on 09/28/2011




Ricky Waters Avatar


My son (Kelby) left for Parris Island 7-17-11. He had just graduated from high school. Before he left we rented from Netflix the movie " The Marines". Its a PBS documentary about recruits from when they first get on bus until they graduate. Its worth the time to watch. He will graduate on Oct. 14. My prayers are with you. Ricky.

Posted by: Ricky Waters on 09/25/2011




Tracey Tierney Avatar


My son left the same week. Just received the second letter and he's doing fine too! What a relief isn't it!

Posted by: Tracey Tierney on 09/22/2011




Jan  Meyer Avatar


My son left on the 19th and it's so hard. I would give anything just to know that he is doing okay. I'm happy for you that you received that first letter. I can't wait to get mine.

Posted by: Jan Meyer on 09/21/2011




Jodie  Volta Avatar


My son also left on 9/6 and I got my first letter yesterday 9/19. It was wonderful to finally hear from him, and know he is ok. He had a couple of jokes in there too that made me feel good. I sent him his letters today. It does help knowing that he is eating and he likes where he is. Also told me not to worry, ya right. Just is our nature...
Hope you all are doing well and sending Love to all recruit families out there. Tougher than I ever imagined..

Posted by: Jodie Volta on 09/20/2011




Jennifer Mortson-McLean Avatar


My son also left on 9/6/11. I just received his first letter today 9/19/11. I didn't know what to expect out of his first letter but it actually made me feel better about this situation. As a mom, we worry about his safety, if he has a friend, if he is getting enough to eat, etc. Thankfully, my son answered all of those questions right away. He said he is fine and actually enjoying it. (He has always loved the physical aspect of everything). He said that one drill sgt actually talks to him at times like a human being. He said he is in a unit with 74 recruits and so far they haven't any time to get to know each other. (kind of sad after 2 weeks). He said that the first 72 hrs they got little to no food but now they get fed 3 meals a day and the food is excellent. As a mom, those things mean alot :) I also look forward to hearing from him again but in the mean time, I know that he loves me and I know that he is safe. I hope that you feel better after hearing from your son also. You are in my thoughts.

Posted by: Jennifer Mortson-McLean on 09/19/2011