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That dreaded call that your baby has been hurt!!

Posted By: Katrina Barnes 09-17-11


I have to say that my heart fell to the floor when I got a phone call telling me that my son was being place in the medical rehab platoon. He just after arriving at Parris Island developed an URI that I believe turned into pneumonia and also bursitis in his knee. They didn't know how long he would be in medical but graduation would be put off pending his return to training.

I have to say I was really scared. What if he didn't get better? What if this was the end of his dream?

Thankfully prayers were answered and he had good medical care. His graduation is a month later than it would have been but they truly are dedicated to making him a Marine and have proven to me that they do take care of their own.

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Kaye Stroud Avatar


Bless your heart!! I am so glad that he is doing better. I am extremely happy to hear that they do care and took such good care of your son.
God bless you and him!

Posted by: Kaye Stroud on 09/23/2011