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Writing letters is my own personal therapy..

Posted By: Brandie Bleyer 09-14-11

I can't believe how much writing to him helps me get through my days. I write him EVERYDAY!!! Yesterday I wrote him twice. When I first start I think to myself this one will be short because I just wrote him and I probably won't have anything new to say, but I'm always wrong my letters are always at least a couple of pages. My last letter I really feel was from God to him personally words of encouragement and reassurance that he can do this and do this well!! I hope others find writing to there recruits to be therapeutic as I do. I hope he finds them as helpful as I do. I love him so so so much!

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Ramie Wilson Avatar


Hi Brandi,
My son left for Parris Island on November 5th, 2012. I find it very helpful to write him everyday, I don't want him to go one day without getting mail. I have even write an extra letter and put a "S" on the back for him to save for Sundays since the mail doesn't run. I have tried to be creative with some of them. Like writing a letter from our dog, sending pictures of "Bad paid for photos" from the Ellen show, and writing serious and funny letters out of words cut from magazines, lots of jokes, newspaper articles, I made a crossword puzzle, and even wrote a story using music lyrics from 15 different songs (surely he will recognize them). If you run out of ideas of what to write, I hope any of those things help you and your son through this time...

Posted by: Ramie Wilson on 12/19/2012




Gayle Miller Avatar


My son left for Parris Island 8/29 and I too write every day. In my sons first letter home he did say the letters help alot. It's our way of being there everyday to keep them strong.

Posted by: Gayle Miller on 09/19/2011