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Posted By: Cheri Kidd 09-07-11


Our daughter departed for boot camp August 8th. We had the wonderful opportunity of being with her at MEPs, seeing her swear in and watching her depart on the bus. It really helped all of us, to include her, by sharing this day.

She is currently in her 4th week, swim week, and we know she is kicking butt. Her dad is a Former Marine, so he does not go through the emotional ups and downs that I go through at times and as one person posted: WRITE, WRITE, WRITE.

One time I just sent a picture of a big heart and had neighbors and family write words of encouragement around it. But, be mindful, the letters from your up and coming Marine will slow down as training gets harder. Continue to WRITE words of encourgagement. It really means a lot to them and it will help you to feel like you are communicating with your child.

Believe me when I tell you that there will also be hard days for you. Our daughter was my road dog. My Friday night movie partner. She and I did a lot together and when she left, it was a transition for me. This is when you must start to fill up your time with other activities. I started a Jewelry business and I volunteer more than before in our community.

Hang in there moms. Graduation day will be there before you know it. HECK! We already reserved the house for her November 4th

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Bill  Anderson Avatar


My daughter Rct, Anderson also left from Cleveland the same day, she is in platoon 4034 , I am so proud of her , I also am looking forward to November 3rd and 4th . I know how you feel, Bill

Posted by: Bill Anderson on 09/08/2011




Tammy Jaramillo Avatar


My daughter Rct. Ard is bunk mates with your daughter....I cannot believe we are down to the last 10 days before we see them again...My daughter asked me to get in touch with you and Kathy regarding a gathering with our families after graduation...

Posted by: Tammy Jaramillo on 10/24/2011