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Former Marine

Missed family time

Posted By: Roger Bashaw 09-05-11

Served in Desert Storm, missed my son's 1st everything, I love the Corps, and I would tell anyone that's considering an opportunity in the service to take a chance! But I would also tell those wanting to enlist to do so, but wait to start a family. Go and do, and see things without putting your loved ones through missed time. I was gone all of the time, time I can never have returned to me...and as nice as photographs are, they're not enough! It's tough in our world right now, and the Marines can give you a feeling of family, and a source of stability. I challenge any young person to find another opportunity to gain knowledge, income, benefits and 30 days every year. The Marine Corps will challenge every man and woman, no matter what your back ground is. I wish everyone who has read this, and who decides to take the challenge of boot camp nothing but the best of luck...and earn the title US MARINE.

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Carolyn  Alvarado Avatar


I could not agree with you more. My son earned his title of a Us Marine & graduated MCRD San Diego on April 22, 2011 Good Friday what a sign. Iam so glad that he does not have a wife, kids, or a girlfriend. Its hard enough on me his mom not having him here for holidays & birthdays. So I could not imagine how it would be if he had a wife or kids. He is stationed in Okinawa Japan & this will be the first birthday of his that I will miss in 20 yrs.

Thanks for all you gave up for all your family sacrifices and for helping to insure the freedom of the ones I love & myself.

Posted by: Carolyn Alvarado on 10/20/2011




Roger Bashaw Avatar

Former Marine


You must be so proud? I now have a son in the Air Force, and I am proud he is serving his country! Let's celebrate all that came before us, those who are now doing their part, and to the very fortunate that will someday call our Armed Forces a blessing. May all of our sons and daughters be safe. Thank you for the kind words. To all the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters waiting for someone to come home!

Posted by: Roger Bashaw on 08/28/2012