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Posted By: MAXINE GREENLAND 09-02-11


Hello all you Mom's and Dad's. My son is at Parris Island, and I have had 2 letters from him, I wish I could say he sounded upbeat, but I cannot. I am sending him positive letters back, in hopes of a different response on my next letter. Is anyone else getting these kind of letters. He sounds so unhappy, and I feeling rather upset. Would love to hear from Mom's or Dad's.

Maxine Greenland

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Enid  Estevez Avatar


Hi Maxine,
My only son Jose left the same day from Miami, to Parris Island and he is 2nd Bn . Yes dear I know exactly how you feel and is k to to cry, feel depressed and missing the living lights out of him. Just remember that he was the one who made the decision of going to make himself a better man, a man that Moms and Dads will be so PROUD of him, not only as your son but as a Marine. Please pump him up with positive thoughts, write to him every day,send cards in between letters. Keep in mind that you will not get a letter every day, but as long as he gets a letter from you ,he knows you are thinking of him, blessing him, and supporting him which is very important!! I have gotten several letters already, but guess what they getting shorter :(, as long as I get 2-3 sentences, that makes my day. reverse all negative thought in to positive ones. Hes trying to make it just as much as you are missing him from home. Think about graduation!!! Good Luck! We are all on this together :)

Posted by: Enid Estevez on 09/07/2011






Dear Enid,
I was hoping you would contact me, as I saw your posting, and wondered if the boys left together that day. I was going to try and e-mail you, so I was thrilled when I saw you made contact. It is so nice to know I am not alone, My son Dean is also in 2nd BN, Enid this is so hard, as his letters are really hard to read. I think he is finding everything a struggle, and yes you are right, it was his choice, and he wanted to become a better man. so I am just trying to write positive things, and not hang onto the negative stuff he writes. Are you from Miami. I am from Ft.Lauderdale Florida. Would love speak to you again. so my e-mail address is Thank you so much for your kind e-mail. I really appreciated it. Nice to know I am not alone on this difficult journey. I hope the boys continue to endure what ever they throw at them, and we can all go to graduation. That would be wonderfu!
Kind Regards
MAxine Greenland

Posted by: MAXINE GREENLAND on 09/16/2011