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Jennifer Ludwig Avatar


Dealing with brother being@ MCRD San Diego 8/8/11 1st.Bn. Alpha Co. Platoon 1013

Posted By: Jennifer Ludwig 08-31-11


Hello! I'm looking for any friends & family that have a loved 1 going through basic in San Diego that left 8/8/11,especially if it's someone in !st Bn.Alpha Co.Platoon 1013,but anyone to talk with that is going through the same thing would be nice!

My younger brother(17 yr age diff. between us),the youngest out of 5,decided to join the Marines.We have always been really close,like he was my own son. He's never said anything,atleast to me,about the Marines,so i was very shocked when our mom told me in April (quite awhile after he'd joined...i was the last to know). I've got over the idea or shock because, #1 there's nothing i can do  this is what he wants.

I'm SO PROUD of him,making this commitment to us & our country,but i'm also scared & i think i'm also sad that this HAS to mean he's grown up. I knew it would be hard while he was in San Diego for 13wks,but i had no idea it'd be this hard! I cry everyday,I'm so sick of crying! He's the 1st thing i think about in the AM & last thing in the PM.

Anyone that would like to talk,friend or family,that has a loved one in MCRD,please write! Especially 1st Bn.Alpha Co.Platoon 1013

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Burlington Marine Mom Avatar


Hello--- My son is in the same Co. He's 18, just graduated from high school. When he told me last november that's what he wanted I was very made. but gradually I learned that we taught him well, he;s respectful, he's intelligent, caring. This was a very thought out thing for him to decide. All the letters I've received says he loves it, best thing hes done. I'm glad, proud and greatful. But I'm still sad. And that's ok. He told me in a recent letter he had to guys whos moms were on a chat. Not sure who they are but wanted to check out and see if I could find them. My hubby and daughter will be at graduation. It would be nice to meet other family members of our boys company. Take care and feel free t contact me anytime.

Posted by: Burlington Marine Mom on 09/30/2011




Lisa Eiffert Avatar


My boyfriend and one of our friends are in the same Bn and Co, but they're both in different Plt. My boyfriend has been entirely positive from the beginning and so all is going very well for him. I haven't received word from our friend, but I hope he's doing well also. Hopefully all of our boys are working hard to earn that EGA! Almost to the 50 day mark :)

Posted by: Lisa Eiffert on 09/13/2011




Alison Clodfelter Avatar


Hello Jennifer, My son shipped Aug 8th, same Bn and Company as your brother, different platoon though, Jonathan's in Plt 1015. Nice to know other families going through this journey, doesn't make you feel so alone.

Posted by: Alison Clodfelter on 09/07/2011




Jodi Kirstein Avatar


Alpha Co. Platoon 1013 Mom here... My son shipped on August 8th and is in this platoon!

Posted by: Jodi Kirstein on 09/06/2011




Burlington Marine Mom Avatar


Hey Jodi - I"m another mom wiht a son in same platoon. Would love to chat. Take care, Dominique

Posted by: Burlington Marine Mom on 09/30/2011