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Chevonne Sullivan  Avatar


Proud Momma

Posted By: Chevonne Sullivan 08-30-11

My son left for boot camp on June 20th, he is graduating on Sept. 16th:) He has wrote a letter home at least once a week! It really sounds like they are really turning my baby boy into a man! I have never been so proud! I think every teenager should be encouraged to join. It is a very positive experience!

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Janet Brown Avatar


My son wil also graduate September 16th. So proud! If you haven't already look at They have pictures of the platoons posted!

Posted by: Janet Brown on 09/06/2011




Brandy Meador Avatar


My friend left the 22nd and we haven't gotten a letter from him yet but I am excited to see how his writing changes over time and how he feels about things. He was a great man but I know he will come back stronger and happier.

Posted by: Brandy Meador on 09/01/2011