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My daughter left June 20, 2011

Posted By: Pam Jacobsen 08-30-11


Calie is 18 and graduated in May. She is in Platoon 4029. She left less than a month after graduation, and we didn't get much of a summer with her. She said the mental part was much harder than expected. I, like other mothers, have written her every day since getting her address. I think it took 10 days to receive it. That was the longest 10 days of my life! She, too, did not receive our letters for awhile and that was so tough on her. She said she felt so alone.

The letters really give her encouragement to go on. I love to send verses and devotions, and she says she really likes them. I even send lyrics to songs that she knows so she can sing them in her head. I send Christian music, some of her favorites from worship or her CDs. She asks me for certain verses in The Message version, which are easily found and printed off. You can find a lot of the lyrics from

Any other mothers of 4029 out there? (Especially Brittany James, Chelsea Oldfield, Madia ?, or Tasha Frie? God bless you mothers.

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