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Posted By: Bill Anderson 08-30-11

My daughter Shelby left for Parris Island on 08/08/2011, from Ohio. I have been writing her almost every day . I really look forward to the mail each morning. She is really upbeat and that is good news. She asked for photos to show her family to her new friends. I will check this website often and I look forward to November 3rd and 4th to see her and meet you all, Bill , a proud dad

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Bill, my daughter also left to Parris Island on August 8th, from Chicago. I have written to her everyday since her first letter and it hurts me to know that she hasn't rec'd any. My daughter loves it, but she does have her days. She's in Plt. 4035, Rct. Iverson. I am so proud of her, but at the same time I miss her so much.

Posted by: Francis Acosta on 08/31/2011