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A boy left at 17....

Posted By: Jennifer Hickman 08-20-11

My son left 8/8/11 for Parris Island boot camp. It was hard. He is our oldest leaving the nest. He didn't leave the first time to journey to college or just summer camp. He left home and traveled 950 miles with no way to contact him daily, It has been a big adjustment not hearing his voice, laugh, or smile. Then I take a moment and think about the type of young man he is becoming. My heart then fills with PRIDE. I know he will do his very best that is why he chose the Marines to be the best. God bless all young recruits and their families during this time.

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Sandy Brown Avatar


Thank you, Jennifer!
God bless you and your family as well.
My son left 8/8/11 to MCRD San Diego.
Praying for each other!

Posted by: Sandy Brown on 08/23/2011