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I am so proud of my Son Alberto! Delta Company Parris Island

Posted By: JUAN MONTALVO 08-11-11


My son leaves for boot camp into Parris Island on August 1st

We didn't recieve any letter from him yet, but I believe his is OK. My wife gave this information yesterday and if anyone has his son or her daughter on this group please share with me inforamtion. Recruit Alberto Montalvo 1st RTBN Delta Company Parris Island TAG 1084


Juan Montalvo

Alberto(ito Paito) if you allow to read this message I want to let you know that we are so Proud of you and we love you!

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Maria Burkhead Avatar


We have a facebook group "USMC August 1st Paris Island Parents" ~ join us!

Posted by: Maria Burkhead on 08/15/2011




Debbie Landry Avatar


Hi Juan,

My name is Debbie and I am with a group on Facebook we all have recruits in Delta Company in various platoons. All our recruits left for Parris Island on August 1-4, 2011. Laura Dorothea started our group and we had her, myself and one other member, we now have 29 members. The group name is: USMC August 1st Paris Island Parents. We support each other and share our news from our recruits and provide information on training and such. We would be glad for your wife and yourself to come join us. Hoping to see you there.


Posted by: Debbie Landry on 08/16/2011




Kathleen Sproston Avatar


Hi Juan! My son left for PI on 7/28/11 and I received a very short note about 10 or 11 days after he left. But yesterday 8/16/11 I got a five page letter from him! It was wonderful! Keep checking your mail it will come!!

Posted by: Kathleen Sproston on 08/17/2011




Steven Slapikas Avatar


Hello Juan, My son left on July 18, I believe this week is week 5, swim week. Be patient from what I have been finding it takes about 2 weeks for them to receive a letter and the same for you. So what ever he writes you its probably from 2 weeks ago.

Posted by: Steven Slapikas on 08/25/2011




judy southers Avatar


My Grandson left 4 boot camp at the same time Alberto did it sounds like their in the same Platoon. His name is Trenten Robinette !st RTBN Delta Co. At Parris Island S.C. 1086. I believe they may know each other since their so close together. If u would like to commute with each other that would be nice. Thanks Judy southers

Posted by: judy southers on 08/29/2011