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My only son

Posted By: Tracy Demain 07-31-11


Today my only son has left for boot camp to Paris Island. For 12 years after his Father passed he has been the man of the house. His sisters and I are very proud for his decision but we already miss him.

Anyone who has a child leaving today I would like to hear from you and we can share stories of our children.

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Debbie Landry Avatar



Laura Dorothea has set up a community of parents that their sons/daughters have left for Paris Island on August 1st and set to graduate on Oct. 28. This will make it easier to communicate with each other and not have to wait for pending. Hope to see you there: USMC August 1st Paris Island Parents


Posted by: Debbie Landry on 08/10/2011




Debbie Landry Avatar


Tracy, my son, 24, left on August 1 for Parris Island from New Orleans, LA. Having a hard time with his decsion, but can't help but be PROUD of him too. Find myself crying lots for no reason other than I miss him and am scared for him. Can't help but wonder if he knows what is ahead of him. On the other hand, it shows what kind of young men that we have raised and can't help but be proud of that.

God Bless these young men and women for the courage and strength in their decision to serve our country and may all the prayers shield them from all harm and give them the strength to face the unknown in their journey into the future life as a MARINE.

Love to stay in touch and exchange stories and hopefully our sons maybe in the same platoon.

God Bless you and your family, Debbie

Posted by: Debbie Landry on 08/09/2011




Lynda Wigington Avatar

Former Marine

My son left same day. Let's stay in touch.

Posted by: Lynda Wigington on 08/02/2011