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July 24,2011 left for Boot Camp

Posted By: Margaret Shanks 07-31-11


Our son left A week ago today for MCRD boot camp, I just want to thank everyone for your post, they have helped me alot, just knowing that I'm not alone in all my feelings!!

Our son did all the paperwork last July, so we have known this was coming, But, the day he left reality hit hard....We were looking forward to the first phone call from him, on either Mon. or Tues. it came Monday evening, and BOY!! We were in for a surprise on that one, I thought we'd at least be able to him we love him...nope, he made his annoucment and a good bye, and click went the phone.

I wasn't ready for that!! I just wanted to share, and wondering about any others that have left at the same time....Again THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR POST, about all the feelings, It really does help to know that were not alone. God Bless.

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Jeannine Kealey Avatar


My son must be in the same platoon as yours. He left Austin July 17th and will graduate on Oct 14th. Did you get a call from your son with a travel agent to plan his trip home? I was told by the recruiter that my son would call 30 days before graduation with a travel agent to make sure his trip home matches ours. Since I did not hear from him and the flight was getting full, I went ahead and purchased a ticket for him one way home. I was just wondering if any other parents with a son in Platoon 1073 (1st BT Delta co) has heard from their son in the past two weeks to plan their flight home. I can sure tell my son has changed be each letter I receive. I know the Marine Corps is the right direction for my son. I miss him very much and I am sure you miss your son. If you have any information I would appreciate any feedback.

Posted by: Jeannine Kealey on 09/28/2011