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Maureen Morrow Avatar


My son is heading into his 8th week!!

Posted By: Maureen Morrow 07-27-11

The first two weeks are the hardest! Hang in there! I didn't get my first letter until about the 3rd week. We still have not talked to him, and don't expect to. He writes a lot and I write him just about every other day. The first couple days are rough, but I think my son told me about a month ago that he was starting to really like it there, and he has done very well. I am so proud of him and can't believe graduation is in 5 weeks!

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Kami Norris Avatar


Thank you for sharing! My son leaves for bootcamp August 22nd and it's nice to know what to expect!

Posted by: Kami Norris on 07/31/2011




Lori Reichelderfer Avatar


Thats really good news, Maureen - thank you for the encouraging words that it gets better over time, and that your son likes it. I know you must be proud! My daughter left almost 3 weeks ago, and she seems to be doing fine as well.

Posted by: Lori Reichelderfer on 07/29/2011




Micki Pecinovsky Avatar


Thank you so much for this information. My son just left Monday July 25th and I am having a hard time. I keep trying to stay upbeat but it is so hard. I wish these first two weeks were over!

Posted by: Micki Pecinovsky on 07/29/2011