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First Letter! :D

Posted By: Alexis Queen 07-24-11

Yesterday I finally recieved my first letter from my recruit in parris island! I waited for about a month, checking the mail everyday when it came and yesterday was finally the day! When I first saw that my letter came I cried because I was so excited. Reading it, he said that he was doing okay but that he has been getting sick but he's trying to pull through so he doesnt get dropped. He also spoke of getting something called fat mans food that coming friday (hamburgers and stuff) he seemed to be really looking forward to that. Also he goes to the church there ( mainly to get away from the drill instructors ) but he also seems to be enjoying it. I was so relieved to finally see how he was doing and I will be sending out my first letter to him tomorrow :) God bless all of you and your recruits!

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Maureen Morrow Avatar


My son is at Parris Island too. He arrived on June 6th. Funny you said he was looking forward to fat mans food. All my son talks about is food. He so bad wants Five Guys and breakfast! They give them boosters so he should be o.k. And mentioning going to church, to get away from the drill instructors. My son is there on the buddy system, he went with a friend from school, and his friend told me the same thing about church. I write my son every other day, I hate the thought of mail call and he not receiving any mail. Good luck to your son! God is with them all, all the time.

Posted by: Maureen Morrow on 07/27/2011




Sandy Long Avatar


my son also has a friend who went with him but he left 2 weeks later... as for that church thing... it does my heart good to hear those boys are going to church... i mean heck it used to take a small mircle to get my boys to go.. but the letter i got last week said the church is beautiful and reminds him of home except for one thing... myself and his brother's are not sitting next to him.. but he has his NEW BROTHERS with him... As for the Mail call thing.. yeah i told my son if there is any recruit who is not receiveing.. we will be writing to whom ever doesn't get letters... that thought breaks my heart... at home we have stepped it up in the letter writing dept.

Posted by: Sandy Long on 07/28/2011