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Lost with no direction

Posted By: Ashley Lykins 07-22-11


i started dating my boyfriend September 25th 2010. we were so good together.... i knew he was going to be leaving for the marines in august 2011 but that didnt stop me from being with him.

unfortunately he ended it in march because he told me he didnt want to make me go through with it.. i was devastated completely and i just didnt understand. we stayed apart 3 whole months... rarely talking and trying to work things out. arguing and being foolish. all i wanted was to get back to how things were before.

now, hes leaving in 8 days and idk what to think anymore. weve gotten back together (kinda) i love him very much and i am very much willing to stay with him through everything but im just scared. scared of everything... things between us arent the same anymore and i honestly think its because hes leaving. i dont believe its because were not supposed to be together but i feel like thats what he thinks.

i feel like i have no one else to turn to and i found this website and i am hoping to get advice from girlfriends going through having a boyfriend in the marines right now. im afriad that we just arent going to make it.. im afraid hes going to change. :(

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Ellen Englert Avatar


I am not a girlfriend, but a parent, and i think if he went to boot camp thinking that, then support him send him letters of support, and encouragement. Yes, he probably will be different. my oldest son is now a Seabee, going to Afghanistan for the 2nd time. He is more mature, and more respectful. This is a good thing!! If you love him like you say you do, wait until he gets out before you even discuss the relationship. He has to focus on him right now, and do his best so that he can become a Marine. This is only my opinion, but if my son had a girlfriend who broke up with him in boot camp, it would be very hard for for him. My oldest son AJ, had a girlfriend when he went to boot camp, and now they are married, stationed in California. It isn't easy being apart. But men and women who are fighting for our freedom need our support and love, if that is what you feel for him. Just a mom who cares about the welfare of her son. Have a good day...keep your chin up!

Posted by: Ellen Englert on 07/25/2011




Debbie Landry Avatar


Ashley, I agree with Ellen, wait to discuss your relationship when he comes home. My son met a girl just a few months ago and they had been dating and forming a relationship - he left for Parris Island on August 1 - he's hoping that she will stick with him through this - but for a girlfriend, I know that must be a hard thing to do without some kind of commitment - but I would hope that she does stay true to him - and if she can't that she would discuss that with him when he returns home - like Ellen said, these young men have to concentrate on their training and that will be enough of a challenge for them - their minds have to be focused on surviving all these obstacles - and it's probably not that he didn't want you to be stay with him - but from what you say,maybe he was just trying to protect your heart

Good Luck to you and your Marine - God Bless you both


Posted by: Debbie Landry on 08/09/2011