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3 RD BN LIMA CO PLATOON 3254 San Diego

Posted By: Ronni Schweyen 07-16-11

Anyone have a son in the same Platoon? My son left June 13th, so it has been 1 month! Only 2 to go! It's nice to know that they are now in Phase 2 and by the end of the month they will be in Phase 3! Cannot wait for graduation, and to see my son again! His letters are always so positive, I know that he is doing good! Tired, but good! Still have good and bad days.....guess this will be life from now on! Don't think I will ever stop missing him and the 10 days that he will be home will go by way to fast!

Stay strong Parents!


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Bekah Morgan Avatar


My little brother is in Lima Co. Plt. 3254! Only a few weeks till graduation! I cannot wait!

Posted by: Bekah Morgan on 08/19/2011




Ronni Schweyen Avatar


Suzan, Hope that you are coping as best you can! The end is in sight! We have all our reservations so now its about getting excited to go there and bring him home! Counting down the days! Praying for him to have the strength to finish the crucible and getting his pin! They will "officially" be Marines before we know it!

Posted by: Ronni Schweyen on 08/12/2011




Suzan Flood Avatar


My boyfriend is in the same Platoon! Can't wait for graduation! He left the same time as your son, we're up here in Washington State!

stay strong:)

Posted by: Suzan Flood on 07/28/2011