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Pam zelkovsky Avatar


mom missing son left on 7/11/11

Posted By: Pam zelkovsky 07-16-11


My story was listed and then taken off dont know why

its only been a week and its only getting harder

I miss my son who went to parris island on july 11 2011

I havent gotten a letter yet. I am very proud of him for wanting

to do this but i didnt think it would be this hard

I love him so much and miss him i hope the months go fast

we are counting down the days till graduation

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jennifer baker Avatar


My boyfriend also left on 7/11. He graduates on 10/7. He is in company C, platoon 1075. I can not wait for graduation day!

Posted by: jennifer baker on 09/11/2011




Cindy Osegueda Avatar


aww, my boyfriend left on july 10th, but headed to parris island on the's been a month, but it's really not getting any easier is it? and i can imagine it being harder for a mother.
well we all miss him very much..and just like you, we're just counting down the days until we see him again, on family day thursday before graduation on friday..i for one cannot wait till that day!
hope things get better for you.

Posted by: Cindy Osegueda on 08/12/2011






Hi Pam. My son also left for Parris Island on 7/11/11 and graduates 10/7. He's in 1st RBTN, Company C, Platoon 1073. We are from Pittsburgh, PA. Our son kept writing that he wasn't receiving any letters and why were we abandoning him. Apparently, we were told, that mail ONTO the island is VERY slow. We were heartbroken, because we were writing daily. He rec'd a large stack all at once!! It has been very tough for me too. Hang in there, just like we tell our boys.As a mother, it is by far the worst thing I've ever endured, but comforting to know that there are broken hearts all over.

Posted by: ROBERTA MILLER on 08/03/2011




Pam zelkovsky Avatar


Hi Roberta
yes i found that out my son is in the same platoon
his name is recruit Zelovsky, Brian Im going to ask him if he knows your son
you didnt by any chance go to school in nj back in 1980s
yes his mail is finially going threw and they said it has to go to gorgia first then to
paris island it was great hearing in his letter the excitment and energy he had once he got them
before that he was so upset that he wasnt getting anthing he thought he had done something wrong
what is your sons first name

Posted by: Pam zelkovsky on 08/05/2011