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Could he not be getting my letters?

Posted By: Kerry Tew 07-14-11

I have received 3 letters so far from my son, all have been short except the middle one where he just about broke my heart from his homesickness and general unhappiness. I have not received another since last Saturday. In all of them he has asked me to write alot so I have been, but am not getting responses back. Kind of getting hurt feelings as his girlfriend is getting ALOT of them, she just received 2 of them today. I know I'm being whiny but never expected to have such separation anxiety, so much harder when you can't even pick up a phone and hear their voice.

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Our son too, was writing that he wasn't getting letters, and why had we abandoned him.I had already written 7 letters at that point, and my heart was just crushed.I called his recruiting station, and they were going to call for me. I soon rec'd an email from the SR.DI that said mail ONTO the Island is VERY slow. Large volumns of mail has to be checked and security cleared before being given out. <ail OFF the Island , on the other hand, is very QUICK. They have nothing to be cleared, beacause the have NOTHING to send, because everything was taken from them . He checked and said Matt rec'd a stack of mail. HIs girlfriend also was complaining she had gotten no mail from him. He lost his address book in RECEIVING during the dump out, and since she had just moved , he didn't know her address, until I sent it to him. And he had a stack of mail to go thru before he found it. Stand tough, tell him over and overthat you are proud, and just know that he WILL get your mail. Tough to say, tough to believe, but things will get better. My son arrived on the Island 7/11/11 1st RTBN,CO. C, / PLT #1073. GOD BLESS THEM ALL, AND US TOO!

Posted by: ROBERTA MILLER on 08/05/2011




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Our son is the same way his girlfriend get letters that is 3 to 4 pages and we get 1 page. Don't worrie

Posted by: Scott Lyman on 07/21/2011