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Crying for hours...

Posted By: Emma Dean 07-12-11

My best friend and boyfriend left for boot camp sometime in December. He returned home but my mother wouldn't let me go see him while he was here. I haven't seen him since a week or two before he left and won't see him until September. I don't know how many others this has happened to but I'd like someone to talk to. Some way to stop crying on end.

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Alexa Langum Avatar


Emma- My marine and I are 2 years apart... my parents don't exactly like the prospect of 'us' either. I totally understand what your going through. Your not alone and if you need anything please contact me. It would be nice to talk to someone who understands me too... friends are good but they don't get it like another devil dog's girl does. Best wishes.

Posted by: Alexa Langum on 09/23/2011




Harlin Seritt Avatar

Former Marine

Why is it that your mother wouldn't allow you to see him when he got out of boot camp?

Posted by: Harlin Seritt on 07/15/2011




Emma Dean Avatar


My mom doesn't like the age difference even though it's only three years is what I was told when I asked why..

Posted by: Emma Dean on 07/19/2011




Camille Pruvost Avatar


Emma - although I am not currently experiencing what you best friend of 5-7 years enlisted in the Marines about one week ago. By this time next year he will be training in one of those boot camps. I haven't seen him for over 2 years. I was supposed to go and see him this summer before school but my mom cancelled those plans and now I most likely will not get to see him at all. He had told me 3 years or so earlier that he was going to join the Marine Corps as soon as he could and even then I cried...since then, we didn't really talk about it because it was too painful for me to imagine. Now, although we have begun to talk about it again, I still cry each and every night. The best thing that I have been able to do is check this website again and again and remind myself what he will be doing.
Also, being a part of the Marines was something that he wanted to do for the longest time.....knowing how important it was to him somehow made it a bit easier to handle.
Please feel free to contact me or post back here. I know that most of the posts on here are for family and parents....It was nice to see that a fellow friend was following as well. You are most certainly not alone.

Posted by: Camille Pruvost on 07/14/2011