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A Recruit's Day

Posted By: Bonni Orlasky 07-07-11


Sometimes it's tough, sometimes I'm sad

Sometimes I miss just what I had

I miss the food, I miss my bed

My favorite things spin in my head.

Sometimes I sit and wonder why

I chose to give this life a try.

I see a dedication here

That's unsurpassed, both far and near

The men that work and try and train

And smile through each and every pain.

We know our final day is near

When we will hear our family cheer.

And when I see our flag up high

I understand the reason why

It took some time to make me see

A Marine is what I chose to be.

Though Parris Island's days are long

This brotherhood's where I belong.

Wrote this for my son, RCT Brandon Schaber

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Kaye Stroud Avatar


What a beautiful poem!! I know your son will be proud of you!! Thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Kaye Stroud on 09/14/2011




corban Dale Avatar

Former Marine

very nicly done.

Posted by: corban Dale on 07/11/2011