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Letters from Parris Island 4

Posted By: Carl Andrews 06-30-11


One of a series of articles about the rigors of Marine Corps Boot Camp based on letters we received from our daughter while she was at Parris Island on her way to earning the title of United States Marine.

In this letter from Parris Island, our Marine recruit wished us a happy 4th of July.

She wrote that her platoon had been undergoing bayonet fighting and MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)training, and that trying to absorb and learn everything was a task in itself due to the pace that the Marine Corps sets for recruit training.

She told us that she had caught hell for accidentally walking into the D.I.'s house (the senior Drill Instructor's office in the squadbay.)

She then went on to share the following thoughts and feelings:

"Drill is difficult, but it will just take time."

"I really hope I don't get injured or dropped back for anything, they want everything done precisely, even down to measuring the roll of the sleeves of our cammies."

"Some recruits, (myself included) got slightly sunburned and got "yelled" at for it because "It's destruction of government property."

"We have to drink 10-12 canteens of water a day, sometimes I will get up in the middle of the night and drink one or two to get a head start."

"My hair is getting close to not being in regulation, and since I won't be able to grow it long enough to put into a bun, it looks like I'm going to have shorter hair for the next five years."

(She joined the Corps under a 5 year contract.)

"Without I-Pads or cell phones (which is actually kind of nice), the other recruits and I only have each other to talk to, and a topic of conversation that always comes up in one form or another is "What did we get ourselves into?"

"PT (physical training) is interesting, we will go to different stations and work out with kettlebells, weights, running, doing pushups, etc."

Recruit Andrews closed her latest letter from boot camp by saying that she missed us, and that she was heading to church services, the one place on Parris Island that was D.I. free.

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