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Kristy Weersma Avatar


Letting go is so hard!

Posted By: Kristy Weersma 06-29-11

My son and his best friend shipped out on June 27th to San Diego. I'm so proud of them both for their honor, courage and committment however I do have fear of the unknown. Giving them those last hugs and kisses at the airport broke my heart. It was then that I realized that the toughest job a parent ever has is letting them go! I'm doing a lot of praying for every single parent and recruit going through this! We're still waiting for our 7 second scripted phone call and then in 3 months we will be out in San Diego to their Graduation. May God Bless them all and keep them safe!

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Mia Koller Avatar


My son just left on august 7th and it was the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. I too had an extremely difficult time letting go. It has only been 2 weeks for me but I finally adjusting. I cried for a long time and now have decided to turn things around and trust in God. My son is a good man and I pray for his strength and courage every day. I feel alone about this because I dont have anyone to share my concerns.Well I have people to talk to but no one who I believe really understands. I would love to hear from anyone how they survived this time while their newly adult child is at recruit training

Posted by: Mia Koller on 08/23/2011




Charlotte  Stephenson Avatar


I completely agree Kristy. My son left Aug 9th and I hated that scripted call at 2:30 in the morning. I have not gotten a letter yet but it has only been a week. I have wrote 2 letters to my son Ryan. The unknown is devistating but I know he is in good hands and that he will be cared for and will be a new person when he is finished. Please let me know how your weeks have gone so far.
Thanks in advance from another worried mom....

Posted by: Charlotte Stephenson on 08/15/2011




Loretta Smith Avatar


I received my 11 second scripted phone call last night. How gut wrenching was that. I am already looking at flights to San Diego to see my transformed son.

Semper Fi.

Posted by: Loretta Smith on 07/26/2011




Julie Jones Avatar


Hi Kristy, my son also left for SD on the 27th. Have you received your letter? Do you know what battalion/platoon your son an his friend are in? Kevin is in 2nd Battalion, Echo Co, and Plt 2114.


Posted by: Julie Jones on 07/13/2011