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My son left for basic training in San Diego on 6/23/11

Posted By: Christine Jones 06-28-11


I dropped my son off at the hotel on Sunday night, 6/23/11 for Basic Training. It was the hardest thing to do because i saw the fear of the unknown in his eyes. Even though he tried not to show it, I knew it was there. I cried all the way home. I managed to get myself under control before entering the house and when my daughter asked me if I cried, I started bawling all over again!

I have been trying to patiently wait for that 1st call to let me know he arrived in California safe. It is now Tuesday and I am still waiting. Is there anyone else with a son that left for San Diego still waiting? I am so afraid that I will miss that call. Also, I know when my other son went through Basic training for the army recently, there was a facebook page that gave updates as to what they were doing. Do the Marines have that or something similar? My son was told by his recruiter there is a website that pictures will be shown. They never gave him the site address though. I would love to communicate with other parents that have a child in basic training to make this period easier if anyone is interested.

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Scott Lyman Avatar


My son went on the 20th i got the first letter on the 30th. yes if you would like to chat back a forth i love to. Our sons might even be in the same platoon.

Posted by: Scott Lyman on 07/03/2011




Natalie Vaccaro Avatar


We dropped our son off at the hotel on Sunday the 23rd of May headed for MCRD San Diego. He is now completing his 8th week, firing week. That first phone call I waited up till 12:05am and then it came. It lasted maybe 5 seconds, I barely was able to say hello before it was over. In that 5 seconds he sounded upbeat and excited. I was somewhat able to sleep after that. Since then we have recieved a few letters, mostly stating that he wanted us to send more letters. I wonder if he is recieving all the letters we have sent, we've sent many. His last letter sounded like he was definately being challenged physically and mentally. But he still sounded confident and sure that this is what he is called to do even though he is not sure of the end result. His platton has suffered with alot of sickness and pink eye and he even stated that he had pneumonia for two weeks. Tomarrow he turns 20 and that has been hard for me as a mom because I can't really send or do anything to let him know we are thinking of him on his day. I dont know if they even acknowledge birthdays in basic training. Anyway, I never heard anything about a FB page that would just be awesome though, so if you have since heard of anything that I would love to have the information.

Posted by: Natalie Vaccaro on 07/14/2011




Carol Saxton Avatar


My son left on the 20th, I have got the first phone call and am now waiting for a letter. I seldom left the house waiting for that call it came at 2:30 in the morning but I was so glad to hear his voice, it is a very short, scripted call. It has been hard waiting for a letter, I talked to the recruiter and asked if there was an address I could go ahead and send a letter to but he said to wait and that I should get a letter this week. I pray for him every morning when I arise and every night when I go to bed. I have the site address here it is: this will show the respective battalion video. it says video will be there when they are about 2/3 of the way through boot camp. Hope this helps, I cried when my son left too.

Posted by: Carol Saxton on 06/30/2011




Lori Keller Avatar


My son also left for San Diego on the 24th of July. We rec'd a very short (5 sec) phone call saying he'd arrrived safely. It was good to hear his voice even with lots of raucus noises in the background. You don't get a chance to respond before they hang up though. I haven't heard anything since then. We all have to hang in there and know they will be in touch as soon as they can.

Posted by: Lori Keller on 07/30/2011