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Letters From Parris Island 2

Posted By: Carl Andrews 06-25-11


One of a series of articles about the rigors of Marine Corps Boot Camp based on letters we received from our daughter while she was at Parris Island on her way to earning the title of United States Marine.

(This was a short one, the next one had much more detail)

In this letter from Parris Island, recruit Andrews asked us to send her stamps, and nothing else.

She mentioned that she was still struggling with the chow, saying there was hardly ever a vegetarian option, but that she knew that she would need the proteins to get help get her through the rigors of the physical training. (When she left for boot camp, recruit Andrews was a vegetarian.)

She mentioned that she had become friends with a recruit from Virginia, PFC Reckley. (Reckley, who she still stays in touch with, is a remarkable young woman who ended up being the platoon’s Honor Graduate.)

She went on to say that after free time the recruits get something called devotional prayer. She mentioned that she can hear some of her fellow recruits still crying while this is going on, and how at the end all of the recruits are required to yell out AMEN!

She closed with telling us that she missed us and that she was going to write a letter to her recruiter letting him know how she was doing.

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