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Life after Parris Island, Advanced training NC, 29 Palms, CA

Posted By: Annette Drummond 06-22-11


My son graduated from boot camp on June 10th. What an exciting, very emotional moment. I have such pride and am in awe at these young recruits, and all our military. He is now at Camp Geiger, NC for a month and then will go to 29 Palms, CA for his MOS. Does anyone have a son going to CA and know what it is like, i.e. training, communication etc.?

On a side note, my nerves are shot, I have lock jaw, and my insomnia has worsened! I am conflicted between knowing everything and not knowing enough.

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corban Dale Avatar

Former Marine

29 palms is 3 feet from hell and 30 miles from water . It is a dessert but I would think he would be abie to call you regularly . But that place is the only place I have been where you take a hot shower with just the cold water on.

Posted by: corban Dale on 07/23/2011