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Freaking Out

Posted By: Pamela Mainz 06-21-11


My son turned 17 enlisted days later and leaves for bootcamp San Diego Feb 17th. Although the Marines has been his dream since he's been in the 3rd grade. I read all the stories of the Mom's that just had their babies/boys/men leave for bootcamp and OMG I'm freaking out!

I know the Marines is what Kayd wants and he lives and breathes it and I'm soooo proud! How many young men at the age of 17 or 18 know what they want? I'm not a baby and not only did I raise a Marine but also have 10 year old twin sons so honestly there's no room for me to be a baby and I sure don't cry but seriously my heart breaks and I feel like crying everytime I read your stories, Mom's.

Please keep posting and if any of you have any words of wisdom for the Mom's that are going to be in your spots soon please inform. PS Did any of you go to any family kinds of things after your kids enlisted??? I keep hearing there will be a family day of sorts but no idea where to go from there? Recruiter has been little to no help?

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Carolyn  Alvarado Avatar


I know only how easy it is to be "Freaking Out" I had that same feeling when my son told me he was going to become One Of The Few, The Proud, A Marine & trust me I did my share of crying. How right you are about being proud, there is no words to describe the pride you feel for your child, but just as I say that there is no words to describe the feeling when you think about him leaving home.

When my son left (he is my only son & my baby) I really thought I was gonna lose it, but knowing that he was happy, doing what he wanted, and was making me proud does help to easy some of the unhappiness. I will tell you that I wrote my son every day of the 13 weeks that he was gone, nothing long usually just a one page typed letter with some sort of Marine logo or Marine saying inputted on the bottom. I also sent him pictures of everything I usually sent him two with each letter. I put the date the pic was taken & who was in the pic. this seemed to help him when he was feeling lonley.

Here is a website that will give you information about family day, graduation day, his 10 day leave, lodging, and lots of other information.
I would also share with you that on family day or graduation day which ever day you perfer you can have platoon shirts made for you & all that will be going to his graduation to show him your support. My son was in Kilo Company & their color was Navy Bluse so we had shirts made on the back it said Proud Family of US Marine Leonel Nicholas De La O III and on the front we had the Marine Logo with his platoon name & number on it. I also had one made for him that said Im US Marine Leonel Nicholas De La O III that they are proud of so that he could wear his when we went to Knotts Berry Farm. It was a lot of fun & we stood out.

If you have a facebook there is an MCRD page that will give you updates as well as pic of them as they practice for the graduation. Also this website will have a video in believe about 9 weeks or 10 weeks out that you will be able to see your Marine.

I hope this has been of some help to you, if your anything like me you will be all over the internet looking at whats next for him, when are the doing the cruicble & just what that is. I looked up what MCRD looked like, his platoon name, I even sent him a pic of his platoon sign & asked him do you see this everyday? I was online for ever it seemed in those 13 weeks. I knew when he was doing what & when lol.

Its an exciting time & I don't care what anyone tells you the time goes by SLOW....but when its over there is no words to describe the feeling of knowing your about to see Your Hero, Your Marine, Your Son...

Posted by: Carolyn Alvarado on 10/18/2011




Barbara Wright Avatar


Also Pam, on the family network they have a schedule of graduations based on pick up dates.

Posted by: Barbara Wright on 07/06/2011




Barbara Wright Avatar


Pam, family day is the day before graduation. There is a website that has information about the activities. My daughter works in a doctor's office and one of the patients is the mother of a Marine for 10 years now. She says you do not want to miss the lunch buffet at the Bay View Restaurant as the DIs will be there along with displays and such. That website I found is then click on Thursday. The guy who maintains this information is a funny guy. Also has a lot of information and also has forums based on your recruit's company so you can "chat" with parents whose recruit is in the same company as yours. Also on the family network site there is a training matrix which shows week by week what your recruit will be doing. I found that helps me. My son is currently in the middle of his 3rd week of training, 4th week of boot camp. Write tons of letters and keep him motivated. He may not write much, mine has written 3 times then I've had nothing for a week and his letters are very short. He received one of my letters and told me it really boosted his morale so I keep writing to keep him up. Good luck.

Posted by: Barbara Wright on 07/06/2011




austin poole Avatar

Former Marine

Hey again, sorry if the recruiter seems to be a bit out of touch. I, of course am not a mom, and never will be ha ha, so I can't really imagine what you're going through. I saw how proud and happy my mom was on graduation day. So, I'm sure those 13 weeks of boot camp were more rough on her than I'll ever know. Family Day is a chance for you to go and visit your son after he's earned the title Marine, but before he graduates and is released from boot camp. It's a chance for him to experience some freedom, without his drill instructors watching his every move, and show you and others around the depot and explain what he be doing and how his training evolved. If you can make it to this day, I strongly suggest you go. Your son will be able to tell you the exact day and times through his mail correspondence to you, once it gets closer to that time. Then you can plan accordingly, arranging lodging near the recruit depot. You will learn more of what it was like at recruit training if you can make it to both Family Day and his graduation day. : ) -Austin Sgt USMC (Iraq Vet)

Posted by: austin poole on 06/22/2011