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Valerie Alvey Avatar


Lonely Wife

Posted By: Valerie Alvey 06-18-11

My husband left for bootcamp on June 13th 2011 to San Diego CA. I know that was only five days ago but it feels like an eternity. How will I ever survive three months of this??

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Audra  Tiggelaar Avatar


How has it been going? My father was a Marine, my mother was in the Navy, my brother was in the Army, and now my husband is thinking about joining the Marines. I want to be supportive, but, in the past 7 years, I have never been away from him for more than 5 days. He is going to talk to a recruiter tomorrow and I am scared to death. Have you found out any information about when you will be able to see him again? or when you can live near or with him? I know a lot of it would depend on where he will be stationed after training, but, do you have to be a certain rank to qualify for housing options? Any input you have would be great.
- Scared Wife

Posted by: Audra Tiggelaar on 10/03/2011




Haylee Lynn Peterson Avatar



You will survive. We all will. This is not an easy transition for any of us and especially not for them either. You have to remain strong and give him strength from a distance as he is giving you. My fiance left June 13th also and I miss him so much. I have written him 11 letters as of now as we promised to write each other everyday. When you feel yourself getting lonely and missing him just think of the good times, positive photos, exercise, hang with friends etc. This will not be easy and you also have us here to help you through this as well sweetheart. Let's remain strong together for them :)

Posted by: Haylee Lynn Peterson on 06/21/2011