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Victoria Lennon Avatar


New Marine Girlfriend

Posted By: Victoria Lennon 06-11-11

My Marine and I have been together for a couple months now after we decided that friends just wasn't enough for us. He is leaving for bootcamp in October to Parris Island. I joined this website in hopes to find some woman who have already gone through bootcamp and are now living on base. My Marine and I have been talking lately about possibly moving on base with one another. I'm so new to this life. I have so many questions and no answers! I'm positive I want to go through this experience just looking for some insight!

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Michelle Hebda Avatar


Hi I'm 19 and me and my bf have been together for two years he just became a marine in February things are a little hard but just be positive and everything will be ok

Posted by: Michelle Hebda on 03/24/2012




Rachael Vires Avatar


My name is Rachael. My boyfriend just left a week ago and i was wondering if there is any adice you can give me. My boyfriend and i were planning on living together when he got stationed to but i dont think im ready for marriage yet. Any informatio you could give me would help.

Posted by: Rachael Vires on 12/03/2011




Angelique Chumendoza Avatar


Hello, :]
I'm Angelique & I'm in the same position you are! My Marine & I have been dating for almost a year now; we've been through a lot, but nothing as life changing as this. He's so excited about this experience and I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. I love that he found something for himself that makes him proud. He leaves to Parris Island very soon too. We both are in the process of trying to juggle college and work so we don't know what's best about living situations. Any advice?

Posted by: Angelique Chumendoza on 06/16/2011




Shannon Boland Avatar


Congrats and good luck to both of you. A rollercoaster of emotions is in store for both of you. Excitement up until boot starts. During boot emotions of all different levels of proudness, sadness and loneness will be felt. Graduation will feel like Christmas, MCT is okay, and MOS school is a different type of torture-a limbo state of waiting for him to start school and to hear what base he will get. This journey is for the very strong.
Living together on base after boot, MCT, and school will most likely not happen unless you two are married. The barrack would have to be full and the more senior Marines would be moved out first. On base housing is only guarantee if married before he gets his orders.

Posted by: Shannon Boland on 06/15/2011