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My Son, the future Proud of him

Posted By: ROSAMARIA ACOSTA 06-11-11

My son Michael leaves for bootcamp Parris Island this sunday June 13, 2011, im so proud of the young adult he has become, hewill be leaving home to face one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of his life..its a day away and my heart is pounding, my emotions are running its course filled with fear and excitment all at the same time..counting down the days already until GRADUATION day when i will join the league of the SECOND most proudest, MOM OF A MARINE!

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Christine Beverley-Wagner Avatar


My son left June 20th, and I am waiting on that first letter too! I also look forward to writing him as well. Please post when you get your first letter, I am anxious to hear what they had to say. Thank you for posting, it is comforting to read what other moms have to say. I cried my eyes out the day he left, he is the oldest of my six children, and it was hard to let him go. I am proud as well, so bittersweet to see them leave and become men. I know that I will be a proud mom on graduation day, as i know you will as well.

Posted by: Christine Beverley-Wagner on 06/21/2011




Nelly Rubio  Avatar


My son left on June 13th for Parrish Island too. My son and I missed him a lot :(.... and I'm like you counting down the days already until GRADUATION day :) I'm so proud of him.

Posted by: Nelly Rubio on 06/16/2011






hi nelly, any day now that letter will arrive ;) cant wait ! i know they are just fine ! they are special amazing people and they will be awesome Marines!

Posted by: ROSAMARIA ACOSTA on 06/20/2011