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the beginning of a great thing

Posted By: Brenda Edwards 06-09-11


graduation day

MCRD San Diego

i am a proud girlfriend of a United States Marine. our story began in October 2010 and are still going strong today. i'm in search of and want to offer support to any other members of the Marine Corps family.

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Angelique Chumendoza Avatar


Hi, :] I'm a new Marine girlfriend & I just wanted to say it inspires me so much to see other woman like myself going through the same experiences and being so happy. I joined this website to seek friends to give advice and to share stories with. You just being positive about this situation helped me so much today. Thank you!

Posted by: Angelique Chumendoza on 06/16/2011




Brenda Edwards Avatar


thanks angelique : ) we gotta stick together

Posted by: Brenda Edwards on 06/17/2011