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Pamela Mainz Avatar


My son is enlisted at 17

Posted By: Pamela Mainz 05-24-11

There is so much I don't know..... My son has wanted to be a Marine since he was in 3rd grade now at 17 he is enlisted and so excited and proud. We (Dad & I) are incredibly proud but scared to death! I know so little about the whole process. Kayd (enlisted son) gives me some info but being a boy it's like pulling teeth.

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Tyler Mcleod Avatar


Im inlisting next year when i turn 17. Like your son ive wanted to be a marine all my life. I can already tell its going to be the highest honor i will ever have. You shouldbe very proud of your son. I hope he stays safe.

Posted by: Tyler Mcleod on 06/21/2011




kathy brashears Avatar


well I went through this and my son told me there were times even in there graduation photo they were so tired and during basic they had to stand and eat in just maybe three minutes that meant you inhaled your food as fast as you can its hard but each person that graduated was so proud to be a Marine My sons dad showed up at graduation after not seeing his son for over 8 yrs it was very emotional but now my son is re-enlisting for tour number 3 he will be on the list while doing his first tour of Afghanistan which yes we are both nervous about because he has never been outside of the United States but he just changed his MOS and now he was put on the deployment list for July 2011 for a 7 to 8 month tour. Good luck and welcome to Marine Life.

Posted by: kathy brashears on 05/30/2011




Tina Anderson Avatar


Hi Pamela,

I understand what you are facing and feeling. My husband and I are facing the same trial. as our son is 17 , 18 in five months and still in school. At this time he is not sure of what he wants to do. The recruiter has been to our house twice. Dad is very encouraging and supportive. I so much am still on the fence. I am supportive of my son as long as he is aware of what he is getting into , that he knows what he wants and that he is the one that wants it 100 percent knowing what he is facing.

Right now I can only pray and trust that my son's life is in God's hands. My strength comes from the Lord.

Not knowing about the Marines can be scary so I would encourage you to find out as much as you can and as a parent to make sure he understands the directions that he chooses is really what he wants and where it is going to lead him. because this is a huge thing and it is his life.

My son also is like pulling teeth to get info also.

Facing trials

Posted by: Tina Anderson on 05/30/2011