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Experience a Drill Instructor

Posted By: Dawn Hromanik 03-26-11




Ever wonder what a Marine Drill Instructor sounds like? Here is your opportunity.

During Family night for our local recruiting station in Lincoln NE, a drill instructor from MCRD San Diego put the local poolees (recruits waiting to ship to boot camp) through a mini simulation of what they would encounter during boot camp.

As Marine recruits they are encouraged to maintain and uphold appearances and standards. These include being clean shaven when attending recruit functions. This drill instructor didn't like the mustache and beard on one recruit and told him just that.

You might want to turn the volume down on your computer.

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Carla Lukach Avatar


This drill instructor came to TX just recently and not only do I have a recruit that left for San Diego on Oct. 24th, but I work at one of the local High Schools. He came to the school and we brought him up to the In School Suspension class and he started in on them, and one dopey kid actually had the nerve to stand up and get in his face. I was mortified, the Di was very good about it and said that he was not surprised.

Posted by: Carla Lukach on 11/29/2011




Ronda Nelson Avatar


The same drill instructor did same for the Omaha Metro/SW IA poolees,also. Eye opening for us as parents and for our son. Matt shipped today for MCRD San Diego!

Posted by: Ronda Nelson on 09/12/2011