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Dawn Hromanik Avatar


What Is a Marine Poolee?

Posted By: Dawn Hromanik 03-23-11


Marine Corps Recruits Standing at Attention

My oldest son is a Marine and due to distance and other obstacles did not participate fully in the Marine DEP (delayed entry program) to the fullest extent. However, my youngest son enlisted seven months ago and is now in the "pool" awaiting his ship date to boot camp. Thus the term "poolee".

At least once a week he joins approximately twenty other recruits at the Lincoln, Nebraska recruiting station to participate in physical training, leadership activities, and learn more about what it is to become a Marine. I will tell you as a mom, being a Marine recruit has been the best thing that has ever happened to him. He has gained self confidence, learned leadership skills and receives affirmation and encouragement from the Marines recruiters.

He has brought friends to work out with him during PT and thus has exposed them to what the Marines are all about. Yes, he would like to make PFC (private first class) going in, but he also receives admiration from his peers which makes him stand taller and prouder. My son has come so far in the year he has been considering joining the Marine Corps and I am so looking forward to the journey ahead.

This photo is from the recruiting stations Family Night where family members were invited to learn more about the Corps, meet the recruiters, and ask questions. I will post a video later so you can actually listen to the Drill Instructor.

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Rita Jackie Valencia-Nieves Avatar


Your story is inspiring. I too feel proud of my son and the decision he made a year ago. It was very hard leaving him at the Hotel today. His ship date is tomorrow. He will officially arrive at Parris Island tomorrow. I remember Family night back in February. It was a very special night for us. I look forward to seeing my son in his uniform come November.

Posted by: Rita Jackie Valencia-Nieves on 08/12/2012




Bryn Reed Avatar


I think the DEP program is wonderful tool and will help everyone who regularly attends to attain their goal of becoming a Marine

Posted by: Bryn Reed on 03/31/2011




Dawn Hromanik Avatar


Thanks the Future Jarheads website, I don't think I've seen that one come across the computer before. He does read quite a few forums, YouTube and other sites. He reads the official Marine magazine cover to cover, he's even mentioned trying to submit an article to the site and have it published.

Posted by: Dawn Hromanik on 03/28/2011




Christine Zinser Avatar


Thanks Dawn for sharing this. I am going to check with my son's recruiter to see if they have similar events. My son does participate in the physical training, but I'm not aware of other opportunities.

My son is not yet 18, so I had to sign paperwork for him and after a lengthy period of questioning and gut-wrenching discussions, I was proud to support him in his decision. I struggled at first because he will be 18 in May and could have waited, but I don't see this as any different than his older brothers being accepted/registered for college this time of their senior year of high school.

I have noticed-and he has confirmed-that he is relieved to have his plans in place for after high school since he did not want to attend college like his brothers before him. While I never envisioned any of my children taking the path of enlisting in any branch of the military, I am bursting with pride over his reasons for his decision and couldn't be more supportive of him.

Best of luck to you and your family!

Posted by: Christine Zinser on 03/25/2011




Community Manager Avatar


Thank you for sharing this story. We are thrilled to hear about your youngest son's success as a Marine Corps Poolee. We would love to hear more stories about your family, including aspects of life with an active duty Marine in the family and what influences the Corps has had on your sons' and your life.

Thank you again,
LifeAsAMarine Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 03/25/2011




Future Jarheads Avatar

Former Marine

Congratulations to you and your sons. Have your son read through the FutureJarheads website. It is a motivational and informative site for those who strive to become Marines.

Posted by: Future Jarheads on 03/24/2011