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My Child, My Marine! - Poem

Posted By: Diane Landry 03-23-11


My daughter was serving a tour in Afghanistan. We have twins in the Marine Corps. After a time of prayer for her, this poem flowed from me. You see, she had contacted me, the night previous from a busy night and had a lot left to do. She could not go to bed when she was tired; she had to complete the job at hand, and then walk five miles to her rack. That thought stayed on my mind, and thus the poem was born.

My Child, My Marine!

There you stand,

So straight, so tall,

One of the few,

One of the proud,

A United States Marine!

So proud, yet so humble too!

Serving our country,

Giving no thought to you!

Going without sleep,

Watching all through the night,

Willing to make the ultimate sacrifice,

If duty so calls,

That countless others may be free.

Though some would dare

To spit in your face!

Yet you proudly say,

“It’s what we do,

It’s who we are!”

In this life you’ve chosen,

Sweet child of mine,

A life of service,

A life of honor,

Putting God first,

Country second,

And yourself last!

All the sacrifices you make,

You make to keep us safe!

As a child, I kept you safe,

Watching all through the night,

Going without sleep, So you could be safe!

How could I know, You would choose a life,

That demanded you do for strangers,

What I did for you, My child, My Marine!

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melissa stoneking Avatar


this is so sweet, and so true, very proud of your child, your not alone !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: melissa stoneking on 06/03/2011




Diane  Landry Avatar


I am so thankful that you enjoyed the poem! I pray God watch over your child, your Marine! Please thank him/her for serving! That poem came to me after prayer, when our daughter was serving in Afghanistan!

Posted by: Diane Landry on 06/10/2011




Sharon Slay Avatar


This is so profoundly beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing that with so many of us!!!

My son graduates on April 15th from MCRD, San Diego, CA. And I couldn't be more proud to be a Marine's mom!!

May God Bless and keep your children and all those who bravely serve our country everyday!

Posted by: Sharon Slay on 04/13/2011




Diane  Landry Avatar


You are most welcome, Sharon. I would like to take the credit for it but truth is, I wrote it after prayer, and it just poured out of me. Please feel free to copy and paste the poem, with a pic of your son in a frame that can hold both.
Yes, May God Bless and keep all our troops! Congratulations to your son, and to you, as his mother! : )

Posted by: Diane Landry on 04/15/2011