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Daughter is leaving for Parris Island on 4/11/11

Posted By: Marcia Nygren 03-06-11


My son joined the Army National Guard and left for BCT in November 2010. He has since graduated from Basic Training and is in Maryland getting his job training. After traveling to Ft. Jackson, SC with us to see her brother graduate, my daughter decided she wanted to join the military. 3 days after we came home, she was talking to a Marine recruiter and quickly passed her physical requirements.

Needless to say I'm worried about her, but proud of the decision she has made. Having my son away has helped prepare me somewhat, but I think I will worry daily for her. It has already helped me to see other mothers going through the same thing and I'll be looking here regularly to both provide and get support from other parents.

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Liz  Howell Avatar


My daughter is leaving on Monday for Parris Island and I am terrified for her. Her brother is at the US Naval Academy and he went through Plebe Summer however I really think after reading info on this site that his experience and hers will be completely different. I know she is physically fit and she is mentally tough but I can't help but worry about her. I read some of the daily activities that she will be going through, all I can say is more power to her and everyone who has decided to become a Marine.

Posted by: Liz Howell on 05/14/2011




Marcia Nygren Avatar


I'd like to personally thank each of you have posted a response to mine. My daughter is starting her 5th week away from home and I have received 2 letters and a handmade Mother's Day card from her. I am extremely proud that she has risen not only to the physical challenge, but has made mention in her letters that she knows she needs to keep reminding herself of staying strong mentally and emotionally as well. She has a new found appreciation for the love and support of her parents and I am seeing her grow and mature in how she's expressing herself in her letters. She's committed to staying strong and staying the course. My son is scheduled to graduate from his Army National Guard MOS next week, on my birthday and am I very excited to bring him home with me since I have not seen him since February. As parents, we never stop thinking of our children as our children regardless of their age. It's learning to stand back and allow them to succeed or fail on their own that is tough. As long as there is breath in me I will love and support them through their journeys, regardless of where it might take them. I know when I go to Parris Island in July 2011, I will be looking at a young woman who has learned her inner and outer strength and ability in a way that she never could have had she not made this choice for herself.
I'd like to give a special thank you to Donald Lentz - your post touched me to tears.To all- I have the utmost respect for each past, present and fallen service member and their families and now understand the sense of pride each family holds for these heroes. Bless you all!

Posted by: Marcia Nygren on 05/11/2011






I sent by baby girl to Parris Island 6 years ago. She is a Air Rescue Fire Fighter by trade, but is now a Marine Recruiter in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. My husband is a retired Marine (2008), two other daughters and their husbands in the Air Force, so I didn't think I would worry about her...but I did. She makes me proud every day and she has become a very independent woman. She has a very strong work ethic and has a big heart. She volunteers with meals on wheels and a variety of activities at the high schools in her area. Although it has been 6 years, I still worry about my "baby" girl, but I know the Marine Corps has given her the skills to accomplish any task she takes on with determination and pride. Congratulations on becoming a member of our elite family!

Posted by: JULIE SILVA on 05/10/2011




Schaefer ONeill Avatar


My daughter boarded the bus from Raleigh on March 21, the day after her 20th birthday. Her first "form" letter was interesting, and she has started writing often. Amazingly, her penmanship has improved considerably. Her letters for the past 5 weeks have shown increased maturity with the passing of time.

I have always told her and her siblings to plan the work, and work the plan. She appears to have found the environment where the importance of working as part of the team is far more important than doing things her way. I pray for her often and I am very proud of her. She is my baby, and I trust the Corps to get her through PI ... Alive ... and a Proud Marine. Semper Fi !!
-- Schaefer

Posted by: Schaefer ONeill on 05/01/2011




Donald  Lentz Avatar

Former Marine

Dear Marcia

I would like to send a hearty handshake to your husband and a hefty hug to you..It takes a lot to see your kids go off and join the military regardless of what branch..and yes I know that all patients will worry about their children. As a former Marine I do pray daily for my Corps family, though I don't know most of them. Marcia all I can tell you to do is to keep your head up stand proud and support your kids to the best of your ability, cause nothing tells us our parents love us more than having them stand beside us in life... Semper FI Donald Lentz PFC

Posted by: Donald Lentz on 04/25/2011




Community Manager Avatar


We would love to hear an update on your daughter's depature. Please submit a new story with pictures or details and thank you for sharing your story. Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 04/11/2011